Who We Are

Put simply, we are storytellers. We believe in the vast [and insurmountable] power of a good story. Mostly, because we've seen its effect through the ages; it has been essential to our very survival. We believe that powerful stories have the ability to shape the world. Story is our driving force; our connection to others depends on it. We can help you shape and communicate yours — it's in our blood.

Our Team

Musa Creative is a team of filmmakers from Baltimore, MD. founded by E. David Nazario. His lifelong obsession with cinema has shaped his creative tendencies and led to an interest in the art of visual storytelling, driving him to hone his craft while on set and behind the camera for many music videos. He’s since made his foray into the narrative space, making him a well-rounded media professional with exposure to various formats and mediums. 

This exposure is what drives Musa Creative to create unique and fully-formed commercial video work with a distinct visual and cinematic flare. 

Our focus is simple: we strive to deliver a narrative experience that connects with the audience on an emotional level.

Our Promise

We take pride in the work we do. Concept, style, production design, shooting style, color — these elements all influence how your brand is represented. We will meticulously care for every detail of your production because we want you to be as proud of the final product as we are. 





Corporate Video Production

It all starts with a meeting. Tell us all about your product and your brand and our Creative Director and team will then hammer at a concept and shape it into a cinematic video that delivers a powerful message. 

Whether it’s a simple talking-head clip, an elaborate commercial spot or a short film featuring your product or service, Musa Creative will deliver your vision and elevate your brand.


Music Video

If you’re an artist seeking to take the next step in your career, you’re in good hands. Our team at Musa Creative has years of experience conceptualizing and executing music videos for artists in the DMV and Miami. 

Whether it’s electric hip hop, hard rock, experimental rock and pop, we’ve done it all. Our videos often step outside the box to give your audience a visceral, distinct experience that they haven't seen before. 

Post-Production Services

Aside from our production services, we also offer top-notch post-production for your project. Whether it's in the edit stage, color correction and grading, sound, or adding motion graphics to your current video, our capable team is able to achieve that final polish that will take your video to the next level. 

Recurrent Web Content

Let's face it — social media content IS the future — and the future is now. Companies are growing increasingly reliant on web content to draw attention to their products. A consistent output of videos featuring your products ensures your audiences is always engaged, and your brand is always on their mind. We have comprehensive plans for consistent web content. Whether it's weekly recipe videos featuring your consumable products, to monthly 'tips and tricks' content, we can execute well-designed videos featuring your brand. We even have a social media consultant on board to help you shape (and fine-tune) a strategy to get your customers engaged. 

Short Films

Increasingly, we're seeing companies rely on short films to expand their brand presence. This is, admittedly, a larger undertaking, but one that can drive home your brand's philosophy to an audience. Fortunately, Musa Creative's large experience with narrative can help you achieve a compelling short film that connects with audiences while uncompromisingly sharing your brand's vision with the world. 






I have worked with Edgar and Musa on many projects and consider them my “go to” vendor for all things video. Not only is Edgar a fantastic cameraman, editor, and post-production artist, he is also a phenomenal director. One of his most valuable talents is managing a variety of resources and personalities in a way that puts everyone at ease. On top of all that, Edgar has an excellent sense of aesthetic. I give Edgar and Musa the highest of recommendations.
— IKM Creative
The production that was created for my Artist, allowed us to be recognized via Miami New Times, Vibe Magazine and World Star Hip Hop. His Experience with putting a plan together, coordinating, directing, and choreographing our production allowed my Team to focus on the small details that are usually ignored. Highly Recommended if you are seriously looking to visually expand your brand.
— Daniel Perez - Jorgmuzik
Edgar and Musa Creative as a whole are great to work with. The speedy responses and edits, the creativity in all the work, and the skill involved in each moment of filming shines bright. I can’t recommend Musa Creative anymore. If you haven’t seen their work please stop reading and start watching. Truly awesome work from truly awesome creatives!
— Daniel Hess
I’ve worked with Edgar and Musa Creative for the past 4 years, using both their photography and video services. My company, PopRiot Music Group, has gone to Edgar for many projects ranging from commercial to completely interpretive and creative. Many artists and projects that differ in vast ways got pristine and individual attention. It’s great to see that a careful and appropriate approach and treatment was given to every project. In addition to the product always being top-notch, Edgar has a wonderful eye for visuals and ideas. There have been times I’ve come to the team not knowing what exactly I was looking for and it was great to have emotions be translated into something concrete. You can trust Edgar creatively.

What I think is also important is that there is absolutely no doubt that Edgar and the Musa team love what they do. it’s always energizing to see the excitement as they are working on every project. I cannot recommend this company enough and am looking forward to new projects!
— Athena Hiotis - Popriot Music Group




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Short Film - 2017

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3D designs

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Short Film - 2016



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Short Film

The Emergence

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