Corporate Video Production

It all starts with a meeting. Tell us all about your product and your brand and our Creative Director and team will then hammer at a concept and shape it into a cinematic video that delivers a powerful message. 

Whether it’s a simple talking-head clip, an elaborate commercial spot or a short film featuring your product or service, Musa Creative will deliver your vision and elevate your brand.


Music Video

If you’re an artist seeking to take the next step in your career, you’re in good hands. Our team at Musa Creative has years of experience conceptualizing and executing music videos for artists in the DMV and Miami. 

Whether it’s electric hip hop, hard rock, experimental rock and pop, we’ve done it all. Our videos often step outside the box to give your audience a visceral, distinct experience that they haven't seen before. 

Post-Production Services

Aside from our production services, we also offer top-notch post-production for your project. Whether it's in the edit stage, color correction and grading, sound, or adding motion graphics to your current video, our capable team is able to achieve that final polish that will take your video to the next level. 

Recurrent Web Content

Let's face it — social media content IS the future — and the future is now. Companies are growing increasingly reliant on web content to draw attention to their products. A consistent output of videos featuring your products ensures your audiences is always engaged, and your brand is always on their mind. We have comprehensive plans for consistent web content. Whether it's weekly recipe videos featuring your consumable products, to monthly 'tips and tricks' content, we can execute well-designed videos featuring your brand. We even have a social media consultant on board to help you shape (and fine-tune) a strategy to get your customers engaged. 

Short Films

Increasingly, we're seeing companies rely on short films to expand their brand presence. This is, admittedly, a larger undertaking, but one that can drive home your brand's philosophy to an audience. Fortunately, Musa Creative's large experience with narrative can help you achieve a compelling short film that connects with audiences while uncompromisingly sharing your brand's vision with the world.